Flat Fee MLS Listing Procedure

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Flat Fee MLS Listing Procedure, Forms, and Step-by-Step Instructions

Flat Fee MLS Listing Procedure, Forms, and Step by Step Instructions

Listing your property is easy. We provide all of the required forms that help you gather and submit all of your property information. 

Required Forms and Agreements

Forms required by State and Local MLS rules can vary while some Federal forms and requirements depend on the age of the dwelling. You may want to seek the advice of counsel to answer questions about forms and agreements. A list of the required forms and a brief description of each is as follows:

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The Working With Real Estate Agents Brochure

Known as the Agency Disclosure Brochure in S.C., this informational brochure is a state-required disclosure. It addresses the various agency working relationships that are available. The form is available on the website. Please review it. We will go over it with you and require a receipt for having done so.

Listing Agreement

MLS rules typically require the use of either an Exclusive Right To Sell or an Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement before a listing can be submitted to the service. The Exclusive Agency Agreement allows you to choose the buyer’s agent's compensation and also allows you to sell (FSBO) to an unrepresented buyer without paying any additional fees or commission. We use an Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement (Sell it yourself to an unrepresented buyer and pay no additional fees or commission).

Residential Property Disclosure/Condition Statement (RPDS)

This form is required by States for the sale of all improved property. Even For Sale By Owners must provide this form to all buyers. It is used to disclose information about the property to prospective buyers. The form is series of check box choices and fill in the blanks. A prospective buyer will have an opportunity to review this form prior to making an offer. The form will be uploaded to the MLS for agent viewing. You should provide a copy to all prospective buyers that you encounter.

Homeowners Association Addendum

This form is required in N.C. if your property is located in a community with an HOA. Through fill in the blank and checkboxes, you can disclose required dues and services provided by your HOA. 

Flat Fee Agreement

This agreement summarizes the conditions, features, costs, & selected options included in flat fee listing plans. These are the same features outlined under the terms and conditions on the website. SEE TERMS & CONDITIONS

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

This form is required only if your dwelling was built prior to 1978. 

Optional Negotiations and Closings Bundle

This form outlines those services that are included in this bundle as outlined on the site. These services are similar to those offered in a traditional listing and include help with contracts, contract negotiations, and assistance through closing. You can add this optional bundle to any Flat Fee Listing Bundle.

North Carolina Property Sketch

The state of North Carolina is now requiring a sketch for all properties to properly represent the accurate square feet of the property. Please refer to the Residential Square footage guidelines and the Sketch Directions forms for additional information on how to draw your property sketch. Please note, the sketch may not come from the tax records or a previous MLS listing.  Since the tax records are not always accurate, it must be an original. The sketch must include the exterior (perimeter) measurements of the home. It needs to be done for each floor providing the breakdown of heated square feet per level and the total heated square feet. If you are not comfortable measuring your own property there are professionals, you can hire for a nominal fee.  We can provide that information upon request. This must be accurate.